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Why Be Married? For the Intimacy

Sue Wiygul Martin and her guide dog, KismetWe have a guest post today from Sue Wiygul Martin, author of Sue's Blog: The story of a suicide survivor and the rebuilding of a life. Sue is a great writer, and her true story is a great read for us. For her, though, writing it is a journey back through some very emotional events.

Sue's guest post is an email she sent me this morning, relishing one of the true joys of marriage. I reprint it with her permission and a big grin.

So, here's what it's like today. Jim's upstairs painting the bathroom. I'm downstairs writing. I can hear the music Jim is playing but it doesn't bother me. I can also faintly hear the dryer in the laundry room. This is such a comfortable day. It's raining outside, hence our indoor activities. While I usually prefer that it be quiet when I'm writing, Jim's music is oddly comforting. It reminds me that he's there. If I get stuck for a word or phrase I know I have only to go upstairs. I'll tell him what I'm writing about now and he'll help me find the elusive word or phrase.

This is one of the unexpected benefits of my writing. We've remembered and talked about things in a way that we never have before. I've lost track of the times I've started with, "Oh, and something I've never told you..." It's a level of intimacy we've never before experienced.


Thanks Patty, for posting this story about your friend Sue.
This is a beautiful touching story. To me this is a story of a man and women who complete each other.

Indeed. And that is a choice all of us can make, as they have.

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