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3 Ways to Get Your Wife's Respect

Want more respect from the woman you married? These should help.

  1. Be you, at your best. Find more ways to use your greatest strengths (creativity, humility, generosity, gratitude, perseverance, curiosity, social intelligence, integrity, leadership, perspective, bravery, etc.) when you are with her.

  2. Show more affection. Without affection, women have a hard time paying attention to anything else. Let her know her respect matters because she matters so much to you. This may be hard to do when you feel disrespected. Do it anyway, because you're not getting any respect by being distant or mean.

  3. Ask for it. Really. She has no idea how much you crave her respect. She does not need it the way you do. Because of this, you might need to explain it to her. Point out positive examples, not her failings.

You might think your wife has changed or that she never respected you to begin with. You might be wrong about this. Her cues have just changed. Change them back.


Really good tips. The respect thing is really big for husbands and you're really need to communicate about it more than once per year.

As I have just recently learned, listening and being tuned in to your mate is paramount!

These are very good tips. As a husband, I crave respect. When I'm not respected by my wife, I'm less confident. That second suggestion is something I'm working on in my own marriage--I've committed to committing an act of love for my wife every day for a year.

What a wonderful idea. I hope everyone checks out your blog listing the acts of love you are coming up with. Such a great resource for the men who read this blog.

Two thumbs up!

nice tips ..i will help people a lot

I made several mistakes during a one year period over seven years ago. Since I have been a model man and model father, she even gets ro stay home if she chooses. Now, after 7+ years I find out that she has NO respect for me and stated to a mutual friend that she will never respect me or feel strongly for me again. Btw, I DIDN'T cheat. I had a drug problem and was dishonest about it. I had an 'email fling' during that period too. What do I do? It's been 10 years and two kids later....


Drew, this is such a great question, one lots of people could benefit from. Instead of burying my answer here in the comments, I am going to make it my March 12, 2012 blog post later today.

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