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Power of Two: Online Marriage Education

Did you ever play the "Tell Me My Spouse is Awful" game when something went wrong in your marriage? It's the basis for the dreadful TV show, The Marriage Ref. You disagree, so you ask friends, even strangers, to decide who is "right."

Except neither of you is right. You just disagree. And disagreements with the most important person in your world are truly alarming. After enough of them, you might think, "We need marriage counseling." But the time to act is well before you reach this point. Marriage education can save you years of pain, even if only one of you gets it.

Now there is marriage education available online, whenever you're ready for it and every time you hit a new bump in the road.

I just checked out a great online program called Power of Two. I added it to my Enjoy Being Married Resource Directory, because I was impressed. Drs. Susan Heitler and Abigail Hirsch have put together hours of videos, audio recordings, text, quizzes, and interactive games to help you learn to manage any tough spots in your marriage. And they have priced it so that anyone can afford it.
Their program teaches how to communicate clearly, make win-win decisions, deal with your anger and your spouse's, and stay positive and supportive. It also includes 14 special topics, among them Parenting and Relationship Safety.

Check out their free introduction and consider signing up. The time to learn is well before your marriage is too stressed to recover. I do NOT want to see you and yours on The Marriage Ref.

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