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Why Be Married? For the Company

My cousin mentioned today his surprise (or was it delight?) at how much his wife appreciates doing simple things together, like grocery shopping. She's not alone. Life's just better with someone who loves you along for the ride. A backrub, a shared day of leaf raking, a smooth river stone with "you're the best" painted on it, a love note tucked into a briefcase -- being married brings joy to life.


The movie Why Did I Get Married? recently made me think about the same thing. I married 31 yrs ago, and honestly the reasons ranged from "that's just what you did, get married and start a family" to "I really like her and want to spend my life with her." After 31 years, I'd say my reasons for being married have matured. I believe marriage, in the most intimate way possible, fulfills our deepest needs as humans - to love and be loved, or as I sometimes put it "to have someone to care for and to be cared for." Thanks!

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