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The 2 Biggest Threats When You Marry

Threat Number 1: You choose a partner who believes it is ever (ever!) okay to threaten, endanger, or harm you when frustrated or angry.

Threat Number 2: You fail to deal with your own problems, limitations, or disappointments because you believe your spouse ought to deal with them, help you deal with them, or at least give his or her assent.

You will know instantly if Threat Number 1 hits you. Beware, though, of Threat Number 2, because it's not that easy to recognize this tar pit until you're thoroughly stuck in it.


It's so easy to see your spouse's failings and so hard to see your own! All too often we think that everything would be all right if only the other person would do something. Of course, the other person is probably thinking the same thing about us! But if, instead of waiting for your partner to take action, you take your own action and change just one thing about your own attitude or behavior, it can have amazing results for the relationship.

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