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Inexpensive but Fun Date Nights

Taking time to renew your relationship with each other makes it easier to remember why you married. Working Mother magazine asked me to suggest a few fun nights out for December, when many budgets are tight.

The December issue is on newsstands now, and the article is online. I would sure appreciate a Facebook Like or a Twitter tweet if you like any of the suggestions I gave them. Buttons for both are right in the online version of the article.

Other date nights that need not cost much:

  • Pack some fresh, crusty bread, some cheese, and a container of soup and head out for some ice skating together. Lots of endorphins from the exercise, plus a romantic meal.

  • Invite two or three couples who knew you while you were dating and have a pot luck dinner together. Send all the kids to one house with a babysitter while you gather at another. Remember the good times together. But no gripes or parent talk.

  • Live near a city with a real downtown? Go see the holiday decorations together. To add some playfulness, make up bingo cards before you go with the words or designs you expect to find. Winner gets to kiss the loser in front of the next shop with a W in its name.

  • If you have house guests coming for the holidays, make a plan in advance for a mini-getaway for the two of you. Right in the middle of it all, take off for a coffee shop and order something very wintery. Drink it almost nose to nose over a tiny table. Say thanks for all your mate has done for you this year.

Add your favorite inexpensive date night in the comments. A lot of people read this blog, and you might make their holidays.

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